Exterior of Denmark Cottage holiday accommodation

Professional property management

We can manage your holiday property in Denmark WA

We offer excellent communication and a very effective cleaning team. We are committed to quality control which means your holiday home will be sparkling and well stocked so your guests have the best stay… and leave an excellent review.

Hassle free

  • Manage cleaners & linen hire
  • Manage consumables, refuse & recycling
  • Manage other contractor services, from lawnmowers to electricians
  • Communicate with owner & guests all relevant information
  • List and manage property on air bnb
  • Reservations and rates

Happy guests

  • Guest welcome emails and arrival texts
  • Management of keys/lock box
  • Arriving at a clean, well-maintained house
  • First impressions matter! House matches the description.
  • More 5* reviews

Increased revenue

  • Manage online marketing
  • Website exposure
  • Receipt of guests funds & deposits into owners accts
  • Using local knowledge to maximise rates in high season and increase occupancy in low and shoulder seasons

No more midnight calls

  • Terms and conditions for guests
  • On call 24/7 for disturbances and issues
  • Owners will be contacted if there are any genuine emergencies

Local requirements

  • Satisfy Denmark Shire Councils requirement for a local manager

Getting started

  • Inspection of property prior to guests
  • Arrange photography
  • Write Airbnb description
  • Write Welcome folder if required
  •  Provide a list of recommended items. And buy extra items as required

And one final point…

You as the home owner can block dates in advance or stay whenever the house is not occupied.

Meet Jane

What do other owners think of Denmark Holiday Accommodation Management

Exterior of Coolbardie Springs

Peace of mind is the best way to summarise how we feel about Jane being our property manager.

All of our concerns about starting an Airbnb were laid to rest the moment we first met Jane. From the set up to the ongoing running of our Airbnb, Jane’s experience, diligence, helpful, prompt and friendly approach means no matter what (and things do come up) our guests will always have the best experience possible.

Shane Hashim

Exterior of Denmark Oceanside

We are so happy to have found Jane to be our property manager. Always responds to messages quickly and with so much previous experience in hosting and the local area is able to solve any guests issues or maintenance issues with our home very efficiently.

Jane and her team have very high standards in cleaning and we know our guests will be presented with a welcoming home when they arrive.

Kate and Grant Gray

Exterior of The Bloc

Jane has managed our property from the outset of it becoming holiday accommodation. Her local knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail have given us the freedom and peace of mind that our place is being looked after while the place is enjoyed by others.

Jane is a fabulous communicator and this is what makes things work so well in our opinion.

Hayley Williams

Exterior of Denmark Cottage

Jane manages our cottage in Denmark WA. We love Janes attention to detail and prompt communication with guests.  She does a great job of managing every need for the cottage so we don’t have to.

Rheannan Sweeney

Exterior of Denmark Bimbi

Dear Jane,

I want to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your exceptional work as our property manager in Denmark, Western Australia. You have played a pivotal role in the success of our Airbnb, and I am incredibly grateful for your dedication and expertise.

Your attention to detail and unwavering commitment have been truly remarkable. From managing the cleaners to ensuring impeccable maintenance, you handle every aspect of our property with finesse and precision. Your efforts have created unforgettable experiences for our guests, and I am continuously impressed by your ability to go above and beyond.

What sets you apart is the personal touch you bring to your work. Your warm and friendly nature instantly makes our guests feel at home, and your thoughtful recommendations and local insights have enhanced their stays. It is your genuine care and hospitality that have made our property a true sanctuary for travelers.

Your communication skills are exemplary, and your prompt responses to guest inquiries have made a significant difference. Anticipating their needs and providing valuable guidance, you have made our guests’ experiences truly exceptional. Your dedication to staying up to date with industry trends and your expertise in pricing and marketing have resulted in outstanding occupancy rates and rave reviews.

Jane, I cannot thank you enough for your exceptional service. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment have made you an invaluable asset to our team. I am immensely grateful for the partnership we share and look forward to the continued success of our Airbnb under your guidance.

With heartfelt gratitude, Paul Ryan